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On the Scene: Shutdown tips from Leader Evaporator's Bruce Gillilan
On the Scene: Defoamer tips from Leader Evaporator's Bruce Gillilan

Did You Know

  • maple syrup is a totally natural food

  • 60 ml (4tbls) of maple syrup = the same antioxidant value as a serving of broccoli

  • maple syrup supplies more then 100% of the required daily allowance of manganese, 37% of riboflavin, 18% of zinc

  • Zinc reduces rick of prostate cancer

  • maple syrup reduces risk of heart disease

  • maple syrup has no fat

  • maple syrup has 2/3 as many calories as corn syrup

  • maple sugar is a great substitute for cane sugar and is full of antioxidants


Into the Woods...

We spent a few hours in the woods with Austin Purinton, of Purinton Maple & Supply, in Huntington, Vermont. He shared some useful tips and suggestions for what sugarmakers should be doing this time of the year in their sugarbush. It's 8 minutes and 30 seconds well spent, we guarantee it!

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