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This plastic tubing spout requires a 5/16" diameter hole drilled in the maple tree and installs only 3/8 - 5/8" into the tree for proper sealling.  ***DO NOT DRIVE THIS SPOUT ALL THE WAY INTO THE TREE.***  The hole in the maple tree only needs to be drilled approximately 1-1/2" into the tree.  Using these smaller diameter spouts will cause 30-35% less damage than the tradition 7/16" spouts.  The hose barbs for the drop line to attach to are designed for an ultra aggressive hold that locks tubing on to eliminate leaks.  The heavy head makes tapping the spout in with a hammer very easy using a light wrist tap while choking up on the hammer.  During tapping the spout will seal tight and the hammer will bounce back off the spout to a "thud" sound signaling the tree saver spout is tightly installed.  It is better to slightly under tap the spout and tighten it later, than to overdrive the spout which will cause additional damage from splitting, which also results in a leak.

Tree Saver 5/16" Tubing Spout

SKU: 4779
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