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Leader Evaporator's 30P 5/16" lateral line plastic tubing is made from virgin polyethylene and meets the highest standards for quality maple tubing. It's inside diameter has been maximized, and Leader 30P has the smoothest interior wall in the maple industry, making it ideal for new high-output tubing systems looking for maximum flow and optimal sap quality.  The ultra-violet characteristic of this plastic tubing allows sunlight to pass through as the plastic walls are very clear, which limits the heating of the sap within the tubing system.  Cooler maple sap means cleaner tubing, cleaner storage tanks, cleaner maple evaporators, easier maple sap, and maple syrup to filter.  All these thing are going to translate into the best quality maple syrup you can make.  Leader 30P Plastic Tubing is ideal for year round tubing installation because it will stay tight throughout all weather conditions, and is very sag resistant.  Leader 30P lateral line tubing is extremely easy to work with in a w

Leader 30P 5/16 Lateral Line Plastic Tubing 500'

SKU: 4730PB
  • If you are interested in purchasing this Item please contact us at 315.852.3326 this is a local pick-up only item.

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