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Skimmers are an essential tool when boiling down maple sap to maple syrup.  As soon as the sap exits the tree bacteria start to develop.  The longer that sap is held before boiling the more the bacteria is allowed to grow.  As sap is boiled down the heat kills the bacteria and we see this change as white, yellow or gray foam that floats on top of the sweet or sap.  In evaporators with two pans, this process usually happens in the flue or back pan.  Our skimmer is designed to scoop up the foam and leave the sweet or sap behind for further boiling.  The Leader skimmer has a perforated bottom that holds the foam and lets every ounce of sweet or sap drip right back into the evaporator pan.   Our stainless steel skimmers are made from the same top quality material as our evaporator pans and are constructed using the lastest tig welding technology. 

Wood handle not included.

5 1/2" Wide Skimmer

SKU: 59003
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