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This unique 5/16" barbed tubing fitting is designed to be used to end a 5/16" lateral line of a maple sap tubing system at the furthest tree from the mainline.  The 5/16" lateral line tubing slides through the ring, and continues around the backside of the maple tree.  It then installs over the aggressive barbs of the fitting that line of straight with the two stage spout plug.  The remaining hose barbs facing straight up toward the sky, is for the drop line to attach to.  This system keeps the loop of plastic tubing going around the tree live for additional drop lines to be added on a multiple tap, larger maple tree.  The ring can be slid further away from the maple tree to add tension to the 5/16" lateral line as necessary.  During installation it is important to tighten the end ring to the maple tree.

Leader End Ring for 5/16" Lateral Lines in a Maple Sap Tubing System

SKU: 4738
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